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About Helga


Hi, my name is Helga Stevens. My sign name refers to the fact that I am often away, indicating I am “somewhere”. 


Currently, I am a Member of the European Parliament and I work at the European Parliament. 


I am a member of two committees. The first committee deals with civil liberties, justice and home affairs and the second committee deals with employment and social affairs. Within the civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee I mainly focus on migration and asylum, as well as on privacy and data protection and security. In the employment and social affairs committee I work on employment, especially within a European context, for example when we are talking about freedom of movement of persons and also of persons with a disability. It should be possible for someone from Poland to go to work in France or England. 


I am also a member of on the one hand the delegation to the Korean peninsula and on the other hand the delegation to Central Asia. The aim is to focus on developing mutual relationships and cooperation with the various parliaments in Korea and Central Asia with a view to promoting democracy and transparency as well as better governance there.