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What is the ECR?


The European Conservatives and Reformists group - in short ECR - was created in 2009 to campaign for urgent reform of the European Union. We believe it is time to make Europe work again: both economically and for its people. Bringing together 75 MEPs from 18 EU countries, we are currently the third largest group in the European Parliament.




The ECR’s founding ideals are based on the Prague Declaration, which calls for an EU of openness, transparency, and particularly eurorealism.


The eurorealism concept distinguishes the ECR’s agenda from the other political groups. We believe in a new direction for the EU, which does not destroy the organisation or undermine cooperation.


However, we want to steer the EU away from the ideological march towards a European federal super state and towards a more flexible organisation that listens to and respects people in all of its member countries. Instead of clinging to outdated ideals of European integration we believe in equipping the EU with the practical solutions required to rise to today’s challenges.


We want more cooperation as well as more common sense in Europe.


More information? View http://www.ecrgroup.eu.

About ECR