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N-VA's view on the EU

I form part of the N-VA which is currently the biggest political party from Flanders and Belgium in the European Parliament. N-VA is part of the political group ECR (the European Conservatives and Reformers). Together with ECR we would like to reform Europe according to Euro-realistic principles. This means that we base our work on 6 principles:


* Firstly: Europe starts with you.


* Secondly: we do not want a European super state.


* Thirdly: a strong Flemish voice in Europe.


* Fourthly: we should dare to question Europe because Europe is not obvious and therefore we should be critical.


* Fifthly: welfare and well-being go hand in hand and and result in a strong and healthy economy since without economy there is no money for social policy.


* The sixth principle is: solidarity and responsibility because if you want to share solidarity, this does not mean that anyone can do as he pleases because together we are responsible for good governance and a solid financial policy.


We want to use these 6 principles to strike a better balance between Europe and the EU Member States because it is those Member States which together make up the EU.